About Highland HG & PG Club




The Highland HG & PG Club is a BHPA affilated recreational club, offering support and coaching for those wishing to proceed through the BHPA Pilot Rating Scheme. 



The Club is also affiliated with the Scottish HG & PG Federation, and we hold a Highland Round of the SHPF Scottish National competition.


Flying Requirements

In order to fly with the club you must be a BHPA member and normally have completed the BHPA Club Pilot rating.  Pilots who have started their training or completed the EP are welcome to join us on  the hill.  You can learn a lot by coming out with other pilots.  Details on how to start down that path can be found here.


However, if you're curious just to find out a bit about paragliding or hang gliding, a lot can be learned by just tagging along and sitting on the hill with pilots. You will be welcome.

How to Join the Club

If you want to join the club get in touch via the contact form with some information on your background and experience. We'll send you the membership form right away.

Some Club Videos and Pictures

Below are some of the club members and Scottish pilots in their social media channels, where you can see what is it like to fly in the Highlands.


Highland Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club