The airsport discipline with the biggest numbers within the club. More practical since you are able to carry all your equipment in a “backpack”, and definetely cheaper than a Hang Glider. There is one school and one tandem flights provider in the Highlands: Beyond Extreme in Drumnadrochit. Some of our Club Pilots have gone abroad to one of the multiple british schools providing training in Spain, France or Turkey amonst others.
Paragliding in the Highlands must be approached with caution and respect: mountainous terrain full of wide valleys and high peaks, wet steep boggy walks to launch and changing conditions with ussually strong winds, combined with a remoteness factor that will add to your flight a lovely 2h walk trough bogs and uneven terrain.But ask anyone, when it works, it is simply unbeatable. Take a look at some of the pictures in the front page gallery.