Lakes Classic Registration Now Open

Lakes Charity Classic, 2016 – Registration now open to ALL


The 2016 Lakes Charity Classic will be held on Saturday & Sunday the 16/17 July in Grasmere - based at the Grasmere Sports showground.

An exciting change to the format for this year. We are moving location and dates. By refreshing the original ethos of the LCC, we aim to provide for a gathering of likeminded folks, in a way that allows everyone to contribute and be part of our "free flying family".

As well as focusing on the 2 competitions and the coaching sessions, and we also plan to have some informative and entertaining presentations during the weekend.

In addition to the Saturday and Sunday flying activities, the club is planning to run more fun/relaxed flying events on the Friday (15th) and/or the Monday (18th). More details on these will follow in due course, but these will not require any additional donation/cost.

Hopefully, we can all come together at the onsite bar in the evenings in a relaxed atmosphere. (There are no live bands or amplified music at the LCC). Holding the LCC in Grasmere gives the added advantage of a range of shops, bars, restaurants etc. for those that want to venture out and about.

For full details please go to here. Registration is under the LCC entry tab.

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