2020 Club Get Together

After a long and difficult period of lock down the Club held a get together in late August. After being unable to see much of one another for most of 2020 it was tremendous to be able to catch up with friends and their families, including at least two new additions to the clan since we last got together - welcome Jacob and Reuben! It was also fantastic to see some new faces and to welcome several friends from our neighbouring Clubs. These get-togethers serve as excellent opportunities for new pilots and those who may be considering joining the club to meet and chat with some of the most experienced pilots in Scotland. Thanks to Jules, Matt, Tim J, Mike J and Andy Corbe (to mention just a few) for bringing their unparalleled experience and knowledge to the fireside.

To start the event off a small flotilla of canoes was launched down the River Beauly for a most enjoyable float down to the riverside field where a good number of tents had been pitched and a camp fire was already roaring. Food was BBQ'd and the fat was chewed around the campfire well into the small hours. However, not before Neil, Michael and Warwick had put on a short and highly engaging demonstration of their winching skills - the less said about that the better!

In the morning Michael and Neil repaired the winch and Michael was successfully winched three times, much to the entertainment and edification of the observing pilots. There was then the usual conflab about where to go flying, with most electing for one of the sites along the NW edge of the Cairngorm massif. Unfortunately the day didn't live up to the forecast and Scott Kidd managed the longest flight of the day - a long glide from the Ptarmigan cafe to Loch Morlich beach. In a year of frustration, stagnation, restriction and atrophy it was superb to be able to pull together a little Club event with such positive engagement just before the Autumn restrictions started to kick in. Thanks to everybody that came along and supported.

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